Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Partnach Gorge (“Partnachklamm”) Hike, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Tuesday - April 10, 2007

[Photos from this day in the Partnach Gorge photo set.]

We awaken in Garmisch to yet another gorgeous day. I have decided that countries should pay us to visit their lands since we bring sunshine and warmth every where we go.

I love the breakfast that comes with our room at the Rheinischer Hof. Fresh fruit, pure juice, boiled eggs, breads, muesli, tea, and, of course, the German sausages, cheeses and condiments that go with the European breakfast. If they get breakfast right, it’s a very good sign that they will get everything else right as well.

At 10AM we meet up with the Felsens at the Olympic Ski Jump Stadium in Partenkirchen (the other side of the river from Garmisch). We’ve decided to do the Partnach Gorge (“Partnachkilamm”) hike.

There are many roads and paths winding in and through the Alps and their foothills. No cars, really, on the roads – mostly people walking or riding bikes, or occasionally a farm truck or horses. It is all right out of a Heidi storybook – we saw herds of sheep and tiny villages tucked in the meadows of the mountains.

We make it through the steep and narrow gorge together, and then split up for different routes back. The old men (Joe and John) are the last to arrive back at the stadium. We were ready to send out search dogs, but they explain that they had taken the higher road and were having beers on the other side of the stadium, waiting for us. Anyway, we were too late for the picnic lunch that Jenny and FA had prepared for us back at the Edelweiss.

We had dinner at a Bavarian restaurant in Partenkirchen that night, all together.

It is curious to me that I have known these boys since before they were born, and then knew them as boys and students, and now they are grown up – some older than I was when I first knew them. I suppose that this means that I am moving into an “older generation” era, but that is not quite right. It feels more like a deepening of mystery.
This was a very fun and relaxing day, just being with people that have been and will be part of my life for my whole life - and in a very special setting.

[Photos from this day in the Partnach Gorge photo set.]

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